General Election Under Way

5 April 2010

So now we have 30 days of electioneering to suffer.

I am excited about the election though as it will be a very interesting election from an internet point of view. This will be the first UK election with Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and the like being used to drive election PR, news communication and probably polling.

I expect to see online mini-polls or surveys on strategies and manifesto issues. Twitter will be used to issue flash press releases, daily blogs will be published so we can check what the leaders are having for breakfast.

I wonder if anyone will do a "John Major" and actually get on his soapbox to sell his policies? of course this time, we will be able to watch televised debates with the leaders. Will their marketing people be checking the pulse online at the same time and how will they do that?

Although we still cannot vote online, the electorates votes will be courted aggressively online!