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Finest Dental Chain Goes into Liquidation

19 February 2020

Finest Dental Chain Goes into Liquidation

Finest Dental in Central Milton Keynes closed its doors earlier this month and put a notice on its website saying it was ''restructuring''. 

The site notice reads: ''Although we have worked tirelessly to ensure the immediate continuation of the practices for both staff and patients alike, unfortunately at this time we are still in the process of agreeing suitable options for patients to continue treatment. We are currently speaking to a selection of other dental operators to negotiate the continuation of patient care as well as approaching existing patient finance providers to request support in opening sites and continue existing patient treatment only.''

Many patients have been left thousands of pounds of out pocket, with unfinished treatments and missing teeth. One patient explained being left with five top teeth and £9k worth of debt! With patients being furious, they colluded and set up a group on Facebook called Finest Dental Hunters, to try and get answers.

Unfortunately, not being what patients wanted to hear, a spokesperson for the British Dental Association stated on the situation: ''The Finest Dental chain of dental practices has announced that they will be seeking liquidation and most likely cease trading.'' 

An administrator is thought to be appointed soon to wind up the company's affairs.

The chain, which has clinics all over the country, specialise in cosmetic work, advertising itself as one of the leading brands in the dentistry world. 

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