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Emoov in administration move

3 December 2018

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Emoov in administration move

The fiercely competitive business of selling houses has resulted in Emoov, the online estate agency, to file an intention to appoint administrators.  The move was announced by the sometimes controversial Managing Director, Russell Quirk, who sent an email to all the staff at 1pm today. 

There has been much talk the last few days that the company was in a financial crisis and the reputation was taking a battering with poor reviews.  This was particularly damaging as the company relied on its social media presence for sales.

Emoov has raised millions over the years as it sought to shake up the estate agency business.  Purple Bricks has been the main player in the market and they will look to further consolidate their position.

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After one year with emoov and paying all fees up front £ 1365. 00, they failed to find a buyer so in September 2018 I ended contract and asked for conveyancing fee £750. 00 back again, I have all email correspondence . they kept saying it had been re payed but I never received anything. finally they stopped answering. my last email was 6/12 /2018. Do you think anything can be done ? Regards, Stuart.

Stuart18/01/2019 23:05

If they have sold your house then you will still need to pay them. If it goes into administration you will pay the administrators. If you have not sold the house then it could be argued that they have done part of the contract. The chances of getting any money back even if you are a creditor is minimal. Without seeing the contract it would be difficult for me to advise

Robert12/12/2018 13:42

my house is up for sale with emoov l have a credit agreement to pay when they sell my house or at the end of 12 months how do l stop them taking the money from me as they now broke there terms

Irene12/12/2018 13:36

Hi. I am trying to get money back for conveyancing fees, so where do I stand now please ?

Stuart11/12/2018 20:37

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