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Dundee face administration for the second time

27 September 2010

Dundee, the Scottish football club, face administration for the second time in seven years after it emerged that they owed HMRC £250,000.

The club have fallen behind in payments over the last 2 years and have been hit by a demand for the balance to be cleared. I suspect that they were threatened with a winding up petition.

Dundee survived going into administration in 2003 with debts of £23m after fans' group Dee4Life helped raise funds.

Calum Melville, the club's director, told a Sunday paper that the HMRC used the words, 'wanted to bring Dundee to account and bring the rest of Scottish football to heel'.

If this is true then we can expect HMRC to start getting serious with overdue tax and make examples of high profile businesses! The time to pay scheme must be adhered to and any attempts to renegotiate terms are being rejected.

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