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Dudson Pottery Go into Administration

5 April 2019

318 jobs have been lost at the world famous Dudson Pottery in Stoke on Trent which has gone into administration this week. 

Workers were told on Thursday morning that they would be made redundant.  It was said that suspicions were raised when they were paid a day earlier than usual and then summoned to a meeting. 

The Dudson Pottery has been in existence since 1800. 

There isn't much information available at this stage but it is unusual that they paid their staff the day before going into administration.  Normally, the wages are not paid and the employees claim back what is owed from the government. This means that more money can be paid out to creditors, which ultimately is in their best interests.  That said claiming money from the government does take  6 weeks or more.  Good on them at least for that.

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