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Directors of Rice Flame restaurant banned after hiding costs from HMRC and employing illegal workers

29 November 2016

Manoj Krishan Verma and Madoka Suzuki have been disqualified 12 years and 9 years respectively, while Amit Krishan Verma (Mr A Verma) and Usha Krishan Verma (Mrs Verma) have been banned for three years following the Insolvency Service investigation.

The Manchester-based Rice Flame Bar & Grill and Rice Decadence Lounge were well known to footballers who often spent thousands of pounds a night. 

Monoj and Madoka both hid cash sales by using illegal tax codes and employed illegal workers. The investigation also found Manoj was not actually a director but had run the company, taking £700,000 over the years it was trading. His mother and brother were directors but knew nothing about their roles or even about the company.

Rice Flame went into liquidation in 2013, owing £694,863 to creditors. Cash sales totalling £771,460 had been deleted off the company’s records and were not declared to HMRC. The company also failed to adhere to Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 by employing illegal workers.

Rob Clarke, head of the investigation at the Insolvency Service said in a statement:

“This deliberate deception on the tax man is totally unacceptable, coupled with the large scale employment of illegal workers it demonstrates a wholesale disregard for the law and a total lack of business ethics”.
“Working closely with HMRC, the Insolvency Service has effectively ensured those involved will be banned from the limited liability business environment for a long time.”

“It should also be noted that those named as directors who act as front for others and who take no responsibility for the company will also face the consequences.”


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