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Direct Debit payments to become mandatory for customers in time to pay deals with HMRC

14 July 2015

From 3rd August 2015, new customers in a time to pay arrangement (TTP) with HMRC will need to pay installments using Direct Debit only. 

Having been HMRC’s preferred method of payment for a while, it will soon be the only method to pay for a number of reasons. HMRC has stated the move will be more cost and time effective, ensuring a smoother process of payment. It will prevent customers paying late or missing payments and will avoid any wrong allocations. Direct Debit also provides a guarantee to customers, which protects and monitors security of payments. If errors are made, the guarantee can ensure you receive a full and immediate refund. 

Existing customers who do not pay with direct debit can continue to pay HMRC with their previously agreed method and do not need to switch. New customers will need to have their bank details available to HMRC when arranging the TTP. 

If your company is falling behind with VAT or PAYE, it’s worth considering an informal Time to Pay deal with HMRC. We can talk to HMRC on your behalf to set up an affordable and realistic payment plan. Visit our TTP page for more details

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