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Debenhams CVA approved to close 50 Stores - 22 to close next year

Written by Robert Moore Marketing Manager 9 May 2019

Debenhams CVA Approved

Update:  Debenhams CVA is approved by creditors

Following the sale of Debenhams to its lenders via a pre pack administration the lenders will use a CVA to close down a number of its stores and negotiating rents on the remaining ones. 

At the moment Debenhams has 166 stores across the UK, employing thousands of people in its branches, head office and warehouses.  They have not given any indication as to which stores will be shut.

CVAs have been deployed repeatedly this year as a vicious downturn grips the high street. Any attempts by Debenhams to shed stores may be complicated by its corporate structure. The retailer’s property leases are held under several companies, which could force it to undertake more than one CVA at the same time.

Debenhams has announced that it will close 22 stores early next year, putting 1,200 jobs at risk.

Here is the full list:

  • Altrincham

  • Ashford

  • Birmingham Fort

  • Canterbury

  • Chatham

  • Eastbourne

  • Folkestone

  • Great Yarmouth

  • Guildford

  • Kirkcaldy

  • Orpington

  • Slough

  • Southport

  • Southsea

  • Staines

  • Stockton

  • Walton

  • Wandsworth

  • Welwyn Garden City

  • Wimbledon

  • Witney

  • Wolverhampton

If you are worried about your job if you work at these locations please read our help for employee pages

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