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Concert producer, M and M Associate Productions, is in liquidation

10 July 2014

After failing to sell tickets for the show, Movies and Musicals, the production company could not pay performers and staff their wages. 

The show took place last December and has left musicians and performers, including Gareth Gates and Louise Dearman, in the lurch. Some performers have since taken legal action through the small claims court.

According to reports, the company is now in liquidation with Wilson Field assisting with the insolvency procedure. Performers that are owed money are now standing next to all other creditors in the same position.

When a company is in liquidation, there is often a poor outcome for creditors who may end up receiving nothing back. Administration or a CVA often sees a better result as debt is paid back through profits. 
Unfortunately for M and M Associate Productions, management felt there was no other option left. Matthew Hampson, said, “It has got to a point that I have tried every way imaginable to sort it out – it hasn’t worked. I am not going to try to excuse it. What happened is unfortunate for everyone including me, as I have put years and a lot of my own money into this”.  


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