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Company Rescue Website has been advising directors for 20 Years

Written by Keith Steven Managing Director 20 April 2021

The Story So Far

Back in 2000, Keith Steven was frustrated about the inability to reach distressed company directors and debtors. So in spring 2001, he purchased the domain name 

The first website in 2001 was built in a spare bedroom using an off-the-shelf package called 1&1, which incidently is also still going today - what an achievement!  You can see how it looked in the video below.  Websites in those early days were pretty clunky, with ours being no exception!  That same year, Wikipedia was founded, which aimed to educate and distribute knowledge for free - something we also felt was important.  How could directors make informed decisions when faced with insolvency, without understanding anything about what the terminology meant and what the options were?

Watch how our website has changed over the last two decades, along with major events over that period

2003 saw the first properly designed website which featured a picture of Keith with a full head of black hair!  Worried directors started to call us when they were struggling to pay creditors.  In fact, one of our first clients was a manned guarding company that was trying to get a time to pay arrangement with the Inland Revenue ( as it was back then ) who were refusing, but suggested that he looked at our website to learn about CVAs! 

2007 saw the site go through another redesign and by now it had over 500 pages and hundreds of hits a day from worried business people.  This was the year that the iPhone was launched and the conditions for the credit crunch were being created.  During that credit crunch in 2009, we helped and advised sometimes hundreds of people every month. There weremany we couldn't help, or had no money, but we wanted to help. 

 In 2010 we designed our next website which was a big jump in technological and design terms.  KSA Group merged with Marlor Walls to provide a full service insolvency practice with and a team of regional managers who could travel the country meeting worried directors at its core. 

As Google became more sophisticated at understanding what searchers (worried directors) were looking for, we made our most current site, one more user friendly with a guides and knowledge section and a no nonsense clear design in 2017.

Over the last 20 years we have been the most visible website on the internet with our free advice, free detailed guides, industry news and research on all matters relating to insolvency and turnaround. 

Many hundreds of companies have been saved and many more closed correctly through liquidations. As we enter our third decade of supporting struggling directors, you can trust our twenty years of online advice to get the RIGHT solution for your company. Don’t delay, call us today, a friendly team is ready to help you with your options and your plans. Call  0800 9700539 soon.

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