Cherie Blair’s business, Mee Healthcare, goes into liquidation

22 June 2015

According to reports, all 11 clinics of Mrs Blair’s healthcare business have been shut down with at least 38 staff losing their jobs. 

Little information has been made public regarding the business as of yet, however it looks like the majority of creditors, including customers, are owed money as reports suggest they are owed millions. 
It could be that the business had several loss-making clinics as a result of overpricing, low footfall and high overheads.

Cherie and US business partner, Gail Lese, set up the company in 2012. The clinics are based across the UK in Sainsbury’s superstores, employing dentists, opticians and consultants. The business had plans to open 100 clinics in the next five years with investment backing from the Allele Fund.  

In letters posted at the clinics, customers were told the company ceased trading on the 18th June and therefore would not be able to continue orders or bookings. It was suggested that customers wanting a refund should contact their credit card provider to assist. 

Employees were notified the company had been unable to find a suitable buyer for the business, resulting in the company’s decision to cease trading with ‘immediate effect’. 

If you are an employee of the business, please listen to the video below as it will tell you your rights as an employee of an insolvent business.  There is a link at the end of the video to the Government website which expands further on what you need to know.