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Can Leeds United stop the winding up order in time?

7 May 2014

Leeds United only has a few weeks to prevent a winding up order against the club. On 26th April, the football club was served with a winding up petition by Sport Capital, headed by United’s former managing director, David Haigh. 

Massimo Cellino and the club had previously failed to meet a statutory demand of £957,000 which they needed to pay in 21 days. According to their accounts, Sport Capital loaned Leeds United a sum close to £1.8 million at the end of last year. It's also been reported that Haigh is owed some of the debt personally. 
Leeds United have had a difficult time over previous months, after facing a number of legal actions and an uncertain future. Cellino’s buyout was successful at the start of April, despite the Football Legue’s attempt to disqualify him from owning an English football club. Under even more financial pressure, Cellino now must focus on the current winding up order in the hope it can be stopped before the hearing. 
The winding up petition will be heard at the Royal Court of Justice on the 23rd June. 


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