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Can HMV be saved?

16 January 2013

The level of interest and emotion surrounding the collapse of HMV has been immense.  People are obviously      sorry for those staff whose jobs may be lost but the brand is the centre of attention and seems to have sparked off a wave of nostalgia. Celebrities, pop stars and businessmen have been bombarded on twitter begging them to save the brand!   The demise of the business itself has been long anticipated.  So what now?

The management are confident that a buyer has been found.  The chief executive, Trevor Moore, has said that there was a place for HMV on the high street and said he was “confident that we will find a solution”.  At least the business is still trading and all the 223 shops are still open.  Vouchers cannot be redeemed which is causing anger but this story has some way to go.   Endless, Hilco and Better Capital are all understood to be interested in the business.

The management have put in a brave effort to save the business over the last year and so it is not going to go down without a fight.

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