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Call centre director banned for six years over unsolicited spam texts

9 February 2017

Leighton John Power has been disqualified as a director for six years after allowing his company to send thousands of spam text messages to individuals despite receiving a warning from The Information Commissioner (ICO). 

Over April 2015, Swansea-based Help Direct UK Limited sent texts to people without their prior consent, resulting in 6,757 complaints. 

The company was issued a penalty of £200,000 in October 2015, however this was still owed a few months later when it entered creditors voluntary liquidation (CVL). Total debts at that point stood at £343,734.
Help Direct UK failed to adhere to the law, with the director in charge acting irresponsibly. Mr Power failed in his duties as a director and therefore was disqualified by the Insolvency Service.

Enforcement Manager at ICO, Andy Curry, commented, “It sends a clear message that the companies behind nuisance calls and texts will be held to account.”

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