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Bury FC's court case gets adjourned, saving the club from liquidation

30 October 2019

Bury FC faces Winding Up Petition

UPDATE 30/10/2019

Two weeks ago, Bury FC hit the news for being presented a Winding Up Petition. 

Today, lawyers for the club have told the court that an extension is required to investigate if too much tax was paid by the club to HMRC.  The case has therefore been adjourned until December 4th.

Despite an extension being granted, plans are being put in place for a phoneix club to be created, if liquidation does occur. The new club would need to apply to the Football Association for entry at the non-league level of the pyramid.

Bury FC face a Winding up Petition today at the companies court. It is understood to have been presented by former assistant boss Chris Brass, who is claimed to be a creditor.  This is the second winding up petition to have been served on the club in the last year.  HMRC launched a claim for an undisclosed amount but the debt was understood to have been paid and the petition was dismissed.  It was said at the time that the club was facing financial pressures and was working through them.

Yesterday, the club issued a statement confirming it was experiencing "internal financial restrictions" and that this had been discussed with players and staff.

: Winding up petition

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