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News of Companies That Have Gone Bust in the UK

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The listings included on this page are of companies that have gone into administration, CVA or liquidation.  It is not a definitive list but a summary of the major company failures in the UK. 

Why do companies go bust?

It should be noted that a company “failing” or closing down is not the same thing as one going bust. A failing business can be defined as one that has not been successful in its aims. If it can’t generate enough money to pay its owners/shareholders then it might just cease trading and the directors wind up the company. There are thousands of such ventures and many of the owners/directors have another go and may well go on to succeed.

Going bust is basically where the business cannot continue in its present form, as it owes too much money and the creditors want it back! These creditors can be; HMRC, Banks or other Lenders, Trade Suppliers.

It should also be noted that an insolvent company i.e one that owes its creditors more than it has in cash/assets, is not actually bust. It can continue as long as it has cash to pay for essential activities and no one is putting pressure on the business to repay the debt.  Once a company has a winding up petition issued against it this tends to crystallise the situation.

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