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Bolton Wanderers receive winding up petition

8 December 2015

According to reports, the football club is in debt of £172.9 million, owing £60k to HMRC. 

Administration is looking likely if a suitable buyer can’t be found in time, meaning the club would face a 12-point deduction. See our page on winding up petitions and football clubs for further details. 

There are several parties interested in the Bolton club, including a consortium with former striker Dean Holdsworth.

Owner of Bolton FC, Eddie Davies would write off the cub’s debt to attract a buyer but is unwilling to pay in any further money. 

Update: 11/12/2015 - Bolton FC have officially received a winding up petition for £600,000 in unpaid taxes. Financial advisor for the club, Trevor Birch, commented "We will continue to try and finalise a sale or alternatively raise some short-term funds needed to give the club breathing space and time in which to consider its options."


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