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Blackhouse Steak to Close London Restaurant in CVA

Written by Robert Moore Marketing Manager 7 November 2018

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Living Ventures has confirmed it will shut its London restaurant Grill on the Market with immediate effect.  The brand Blackhouse is now pursuing a Company Voluntary Arrangement. 

The previously five-strong steakhouse group has said it also plans to close one Manchester restaurant, Grill on the Alley, following a consultation with staff and ahead of the landlord’s planned redevelopment next year.

The group has said those with reservations at Grill on the Alley will be contacted and offered a transfer to its other Manchester restaurant, Grill on New York Street. Any customer deposits paid in advance for bookings at the two restaurants affected by the plans will be refunded.

In a statement, Blackhouse said: “We are confident that our creditors will support our proposals and following this process we will be in a position to make a success of a smaller but high-quality portfolio.”

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