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Berketex Bride has gone into administration

13 November 2018

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Berketex Bride has gone into administration

13 shops in the UK and one in Dublin will be closed from Tuesday and will not reopen.

The firm has been in existence for more than 50 years selling wedding dresses, bridesmaids' dresses and other accessories.  Berketex Brides went into receivership back in 1992 when it had 250 stores and employed 1500 people.  It looks like the chain is vulnerable in recessions!

The company said its director wished to express his "sincere apologies for the abrupt closure of the store".

Insolvency practitioners Wilson Field, who have been instructed to assist the company, said they appreciated that the closure would be "distressing" for customers and would deal with individual queries as quickly as possible.  You can call Wilson Field on 0800 901 2475

Anyone who has purchased items that have not yet been received should telephone 0114 3491388.

So again there will be people worried about getting their dresses etc.  Unfortunately, they won't get their dresses made, they may well not even get refunds, unless they have paid for the dress deposit on credit card.  There is a possibility that if they have already been made and are just sitting somewhere, that the administrators will try and track down the owner, but only if the money retrieved will be worth the cost. 

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