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Barkley Alexander and Associates Limited in Liquidation

23 October 2012

KSA Group, the authors of, always watch our space for competitors.

The internet has low barriers to entry and companies can make all sorts of claims. So it is interesting to see an advisor, BARKLEY ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES LIMITED, advertising on Google as have actually gone into liquidation as of 17th October 2012.  So who is paying for the website and the online advertisements and why?

BEWARE of companies that claim to offer all sorts of easy solutions like CVA for debts of just £15,000 - Check them out first. Are they regulated, licensed and experienced? Then look at their testimonials, can they give you referees?

Here is a quote from their website.

Do you want to write off 100% of the current companies debts?

Do you want to ‘buy back’ the companies assets?

The fact that they can’t write good English ( err company’s perhaps)  should be a warning!

CAVEAT EMPTOR - buyer beware. These claims are misleading and may be dangerous for your company in difficult times.

Given that they are actually in liquidation DO NOT PAY anything over until they have done a job of work!

Always seek out good practitioners.  They should have a clear address, location, pictures and bios of people who work for them, and genuine testimonials.   They should also NOT be in a insolvency mechanism themselves!