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Administration for slipper brand Mahabis

2 January 2019

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Administration for slipper brand Mahabis

What a way to start the year!!

Luxury slipper brand, Mahabis have fallen into administration. 

The firm are known for their multi-purpose slippers which are designed with detachable soles, so they can be worn both inside and outside the home.

Earlier this year, the founder of this 5-year-old company, Ankur Shah, said the ambition was for the company to become the ''Nike of downtime'', with sales on track to reach £20m. Backpacks, loungewear, watches and homewear were added to the product range. 

On the companies website, a statement has been released to say:  “We have, for the moment, ceased trading as the administrators take over the business. During the four years since we launched, we sold nearly a million pairs of slippers to customers in over 100 countries; we are all desperately disappointed at this outcome. Please bear with us as we do our best to work through the current circumstances.”

Customers who return goods are likely to not recieve a full refund, with any refund itself taking many months.

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This is such a shame. I love these slippers and they were perfect for my friends and family with balance issues. They were the only good looking slipper that I could/can find with a sole that grips on hardwood floors and stairs. I'm really hoping that they make it out of administration and back on-line soon.

I also want to say that they were not expensive when compared to other high quality slippers. Take a look at Derek Rose, fi. And Mahabis are washable! Ta Da!

Noël16/01/2019 17:46

They were innovative and well made. Made in Portugal, but could only be bought in UK by mail. At the end of the day they are fancy slippers and the price was too high. After a heavy advertising bombardment (cost?) I bought a pair in a sale. They are good, but not £70 good. The Chinese stores have good comfortable slippers for €5-10 here in Portugal.

Paul03/01/2019 12:52

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