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374 jobs lost from building firm collapse

1 February 2019

Dundee based building services contractor, McGill, has fell into administration.

374 jobs were lost, with staff being informed by meetings and being left 'devastated'. Only 55 employees were left to remain, to assist KPMG with the administration process. Those made redundant will be left to search for another job, rumoured to be left with no choice but to work away from home, as the market, especially in Dundee, lacks work needed. Please see our page for any advice, if you are a redundant employee yourself due to this.

The company have existed since 1981, serving clients of the residential, industrial and commerical sectors. 

Though a pre-tax profit was made in September of 2017 being £772,218, the company faced significant trading issues afterwards. Disputes occured as did delays in payment for many projects.

Additional to this, the collapse of building giant, Carillion, at the start of 2018, did not help. 

The company had a business turnaround plan made and approached many parties for the provision of additional funding. When this failed, no other choice was left but administration. 

KPMG will now do all they can to help the company, as well as working with employees to ensure support is delivered to all those affected. 

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