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Working Capital Problems

4 August 2017

Does your company have working capital problems?

As every business owner knows, working capital is vital for any operation. Not having enough cash in the business can lead to problems quickly. Our guide identifies the various types of ways to secure working capital as well as what to do if you see trouble ahead.

Different types of working capital

  • Trade finance
  • Peer to peer finance  
  • Invoice & Factoring  
  • Stock finance  
  • Seasonal finance  
  • Cash flow finance  

For information on these different types of funding, browse our debt refinancing guide. If you need working capital, call us on 0800 9700 539.

Stop problems spiralling out of control

If there is a lack of working capital and your company is struggling to make tax payments as and when they fall due, it’s best to seek turnaround advice straight away to prevent any further debt issues. Failure to pay business taxes to HMRC could lead to a winding up petition issued against your company.

Rescue methods like a Time to Pay deal with HMRC or a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) are effective restructuring tools if your company is viable. If the business has come to the end of the road, a creditors voluntary liquidation (CVL) may be the best option. A CVL will close down the company and sell assets (if any) for cash to distribute back to creditors.

If you’re unsure of your next move or would like to enquire further about working capital issues, call us on 0800 970 539 to speak to an advisor. 

A Worried Director

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