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How to find out if a winding up petition has been issued

There are three ways in which you can find information on whether a winding up...

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dismissing a winding up petition in court

How Do You Get A Winding Up Petition Dismissed Or Adjourned?

In order to dismiss a winding up petition you will need to instruct a lawyer to...

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Scottish Flag

Winding up petition in Scotland

We are a Scottish registered company and a creditor has threatened a winding up...

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What is a Validation Order?

My bank account has been frozen and I have been told I need a validation order...

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How can I adjourn or stop a winding up petition?

It is possible to adjourn a winding up petition to give the company more time to...

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Can I issue a winding up petition?

How do I issue a winding up petition. A guide to procedure and costs of issuing...

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