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What is the Government Gateway?

15 August 2020

What is the Government Gateway?

The Government Gateway is a site used when you need to register for online Government services. It is a key part of the 'joined up' strategy, whereby the Government aims to create eased communication among the public and Government departments, using a single platform i.e. this online service.

Registering with the Government Gateway

When it comes to registering and signing up, you have three options to sign up as;

  • An Individual
  • An Organisation
  • An Agent

Should I register?

You should register if you wish to enrol on one or more of the Government services offered.

Once registered and you have your own gateway account, you are able to:

  • Submit forms to Government departments for the services you have enrolled on to. Most forms can be filled out online, however some will only be able to be sent using certain software packages i.e payroll software.
  • Enrol for additional services as they become available.
  • Assign an agent to act on your behalf for a service you have enrolled on (for example, an accountant).

If you are an organisation you get additional features as you can:

  • Add other colleagues as users of the gateway – not only can they carry out any services you have enrolled for, but also can they enrol for new services. They also gain the ability to create and delete other users, as well as change registration details.
  • Add assistants – those who have access to limited features within the gateway. Assistants can submit forms online on behalf of employees.

What services are available to me?

There is a vast amount of services available including accessing file tax returns, claiming benefits and viewing council tax records. Most significantly, you can register and access HMRC online services which includes:

  • Self-assessment 
  • Tax returns
  • Personal tax
  • Business tax
  • VAT
  • PAYE for employers
  • Corporation tax
  • Online pension schemes
  • Employment intermediaries
  • Construction industry scheme

See the full list of available services here.

Is the website secure?

The Government Gateway has sturdy security measures:

  • Having secure connections (All information sent and received is transmitted via a 128-bit SSL which creates a secure link among your browser and the server)
  • Having encryptions
  • Using digital certificates
  • Using User ID Authentication.

How can we help?

Very often the first time you come across the Government Gateway is when you have to pay taxes!  If you are worried that you aren't able to pay them for any reason then get in touch and we might be able to arrange a time to pay arrangement.

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