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What is an Independent Business Review (IBR) ?

An independent business review IBR is when the banks will put in accountants to...

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Marketing Advice for Businesses

99 Marketing Questions you should ask about your business

What is marketing?...

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Marketing Advice for small businesses

What is marketing? Well, without marketing all businesses will fail.

You must...

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Insolvency legislation and turnaround

In the UK and many other European and Commonwealth countries, there has been a...

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hand shake new job

Experts Guide To Turning Around Your Insolvent Recruitment Business

KSA Group's unique rescue guide for recruitment companies (96 pages)

With many...

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Can't Afford To Make Redundancies - Worried Directors Guide

You may need to make redundancies but cant afford it. However if you use a CVA...

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Corporate Recovery Turnaround Insolvency Advice

KSA Group are turnaround and insolvency practitioners passionate about rescuing...

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Debt Collecting

It is vital that businesses explore the options available to them in recovering...

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