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Pension Fund Liability in Insolvency?

27 September 2017

Pension Fund Liability in Insolvency?

Is your company facing a levy from the Pension Protection Fund? Would this levy be crippling for your cashflow? If so would it be a disaster for your company?

As you may know the liability in a pension fund can lead to the company having to pay a levy; if the company has a weak or insolvent balance sheet it can increase the levy.

Clearly this could lead to the failure of the company, prevent normal restructure mechanisms such as mergers and acquisitions and also lead to personal liability under the so called "moral hazard" approach.
Well help is at hand - under a Government backed scheme you can restructure your company and slash costs, reorganise the business and the pension fund problem too.

We can assist you to:

  • Cut costs hard and immediately with no cash outlay
  • Reduce head-count, the Government will pay the cost
  • Terminate onerous contracts with suppliers
  • Terminate contracts with customers and lessors
  • Restructure the Pension problem
  • Exit property that is no longer required
  • Remove non performing directors or managers
  • Restructure debt with banks and secured lenders
  • Access turnaround funding (where appropriate) 

All of this is possible - why not fight for your company and start planning NOW how to survive?
KSA are the UK's leading turnaround company with expertise in rescuing and restructuring companies in distress. We work in the turnaround sector every day and can show you how to make your company safe.
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