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Partnerships quick guide

10 August 2017

I think the partnership is at risk of becoming insolvent...

...but I really cannot decide what to do". 

If you are not sure on what to do, stop or go, you need to step back from the business and consider two set of objectives (below) and see if this can help you decide. Or just give us a ring on 08009700539 and we will help you work this out.

Personal objectives; what do you want to do in life? Is this business your main source of income? Do you have other income or not? Do you just want to walk away? Consider all of the objectives you have and set out a personal one page plan for your life. Then consider the business objectives.

Partnership objectives:. Is this a viable business? Do the partners work well together or not? Would it benefit from one leaving or if it is not viable why not wind the partnership up. Is there a partnership agreement whereby the business can be broken up? With professional turnaround help can you see a way to make the business profitable and successful, but there are problems you cannot deal with? If so call us now on 08009700539, we may be able to build a rescue and turnaround plan with you.

Our guides will help you decide on the stop options or the Go options

Click each of the options for more details guides and we can help set out a plan.

Remember as partners in a partnership you have NO protection if the partnership fails. What does this mean for family, homes, assets and your careers?

The Ultimate Guide For Worried Directors

The Ultimate Guide For Worried Directors

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