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Partnership Rescue - A Guide to Your Options

8 August 2017

Having established the businesss position and your (and your partners) personal and business objectives you are now ready to consider the options available. Consider each carefully and examine the relevance to your business and its circumstances.

The guides to options available to partnerships in distress have been built with you in mind; wherever possible we avoid use of the legal jargon that can annoy people in your position.

In this section of the web site we cover the legal options, the practical options, practical application of the law and our interpretation of the law. Be aware it is NOT AN EXHAUSTIVE GUIDE and the application of the law can be affected by the individual circumstances of the business - therefore it probable that you will have to take professional advice sooner rather than later. The aim of these option guides is to better prepare you for those meetings.

To go to the section you want to read press the quick-links below. You will also find links embedded in the pages to quickly take you to other pages that you may want to check. If you want to go back to the place where you clicked that embedded link, just use the back arrow in your browser tool bar (usually top left of the screen).

Finally, remember your home, your livelihood and perhaps even personal relationships are at risk if you do not consider the position carefully, consider the objectives and then look in depth at each of these options. Make a decision to ACT and to deal with the problems that you face.

The Ultimate Guide For Worried Directors

The Ultimate Guide For Worried Directors

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