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New 2022 complete guide to Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

Written by Keith Steven Managing Director 4 January 2022

This programme includes all you, as a director or advisor “need to know” to get an insolvent and non-viable company wound up, legally, effectively and efficiently.

Of course, the whole corporate insolvency field is hugely complicated and heavily regulated by the Insolvency legislation, so this short guide can only be a general guide for worried directors and accountants or advisors. To go into the level of detail that is required by the Insolvency Legislation would require hundreds of pages of technical guides.

So this publication does NOT purport to cover all of that technical stuff. Instead we follow our normal CompanyRescue approach – we try to explain in normal business language the important issues in your decision making process.

Really this guide is designed to help you decide if the company is insolvent. If it is not viable and if it should be liquidated. Then it sets out answers to many of the questions we are asked every day
in our offices across the UK.

So it is not truly comprehensive, but it is the biggest guide to liquidation out there! We will endeavour to improve this by introduction of revised versions and if you want us to cover a subject that’s not yet included in the guide, please contact the author Keith Steven (

We have set out the guide to be as user-friendly as possible, but please remember whenever you have questions you can email them to us for a quick answer. We will answer all questions during
our office hours of 8.30 to 5pm, 5 days a week. This email support service is FREE.

Please note that only a licensed insolvency practitioner can liquidate an insolvent company.

You can read the guide here

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