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Individual Voluntary Arrangement

9 September 2017

There is a great potential solution for your problem and you have found it 
An IVA could be the answer to your problems and could protect you from your creditors.

Individual Voluntary Arrangements - A Simple Guide

An IVA is a powerful insolvency tool that will ringfence your creditors (that's all your business and personal debts but not a mortgage) and take away the pressure.

It is a deal between the insolvent sole trader and its creditors; this legally binding contract allows you to repay some or all of the historic debts from future profits over a period of time. Debtors (you) stay in control and it stops any legal actions if you use a quality advisor. It has been in UK law since 1986 and is one of the Government's preferred rescue options.

Isn't that better than going bust, closing down and every creditor losing their money and an ongoing customer?

IVAs are amazing for rescuing a distressed business when you know it can be profitable in future. You can make employees redundant with no cash cost, get out of property leases and problem contracts and make the business profitable again with the IVA and our help!

In the time it takes us to organise the IVA for you, we will freeze your payments to VAT, PAYE and creditors. Then together we offer the creditors a deal over time to pay something back from future profits. This improves the cashflow in your business.

We are often asked If its so great why doesn't everyone use the IVA if their business gets into trouble? The answer is because very few people know about this fantastic tool and most sole traders with problems end up going bust because they are scared of insolvency.

What are the downsides? A fee is payable and your credit rating will be affected for up to 6 years after the IVA. You may have to give your share of the equity in your home to the creditors as part of the deal. All of this is much better than bankruptcy by the way!

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