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I need help with business debts

Written by Keith Steven Managing Director 25 June 2019

I need help with business debts

Recognising that you need help with business debts is essential. So many directors deny business debt reality and believe that the problem will go away or is not really there.

Debts can increase as sales increase. If the business is taking orders, then it may have to increase costs before it gets money in from the customer. This can be in the form of increased PAYE liabilities or the cost rent, rates and of materials etc. When a business gets too far into debt when the sales pick up, this is termed as "overtrading" and a cashflow crunch can derail the business. Why? Well cash is king! We regularly see companies enter insolvency with record sales and good margins, they just need more working capital.

So, what action can I take to tackle the debt?
It may be that you are owed money but can't collect it in quick enough. Factoring or invoice discounting can sometimes help with this. See our sister website for more about these solutions to cashflow problems.

Business debt solutions?

1. Time to Pay Arrangement with creditors

Your company can agree with a creditor to pay off the debt over an extended time period. You can take action to have the debts written off in full or in part.

2. Talk to a licensed insolvency practitioner 

We can advise you on what actions to take. We are happy to talk through the options with company directors and can issue a 30 page solutions report.

We look at the following options:

You will need to be mindful of any offers to lend the business more money, as this might just add to the debt of the business without addressing the underlying problems. Personal guarantees are usually required for new business debt solutions like loans and factoring.

If the company is viable going forwards and needs a reduced level of debt, then in order to have any of the debts written off, the company is likely to have to enter into a formal arrangement, such as a company voluntary arrangement. It is possible to have an informal arrangement with creditors, but it tends to work best with just one or two creditors, most notably HMRC. Where there are lots of creditors a formal process like CVA ensures a degree of control over the creditor actions.

If some creditors become particularly aggressive in collecting a debt, such as issuing a winding up petition, it can have serious consequences.

Request our free worried directors guide which gives you much more support and business debt solutions. Aimed at worried directors it can supply all the answers you need to help turn your business around.

So, ensure that you ask for help and advice as soon as debts become a worry. Call us on 08009700539 … the earlier that you address it the easier it is to solve.

A Worried Director

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