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Finance FAQs

7 August 2017

Finance - Frequently Asked Questions

KSA's Specialist Finance

Q: How do you get paid for helping us?

A: This depends on the product(s) sourced for you. Some finance providers pay us commission. In others situations we charge you, the client, a fee for raising it. All such fees and commissions payable are disclosed to the client before any finance is raised.

Q: Why cant I find this sort of finance myself?

A: Well you would have to know where to start looking! And the time spent raising capital can be quickly become all consuming the rest of the business can often suffer. Additionally, we are specialist corporate turnaround practitioners who often use such forms of finance to rebuild companies. So we work with banks and firms that can provide uncommon products.

Q: Does that mean it is onerous lending?

A: No, many of the firms we use are well known organisations. Obviously however any product provided to a sub prime business will be more expensive than say a basic term loan. This reflects the risks that the lender / investor is taking.

Q: So will you guarantee to raise money for us?

A: No, there are no guarantees that we can raise funding. However as we make money from the raising of finance we will give it our best shot!

Q: How long will it take?

A: Again this is almost impossible to answer.

Q: What do we do if we cannot raise the money we need?

A: KSA specialises in the turnaround of viable but pressurised companies. We will hopefully be able to raise capital but perhaps we will need to address the financial, management and structural issues in the company first. If that is required we always work with our clients to structure a solution that is appropriate.

Tackled by experts, even the bleakest problems can be turned around. Finding the right advice and guidance coupled with the financial products above can be a powerful solution if you really believe the company is viable.

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