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Expert turnaround and insolvency advice for accountants

Written by Keith Steven Managing Director 8 June 2020

Expert turnaround and insolvency advice for accountants

We will protect your fee income or your investments with your own insolvency and turnaround expert on tap! Help your clients survive a cash flow crisis!

Expert turnaround and insolvency advice for accountants

Does it make you mad when a client comes to you with a cash flow crisis and the usual result is they go into liquidation? What if you could offer high quality turnaround and insolvency advice? Would you prefer to keep your client and earn from them in the future or see them liquidated? 

As a professional advisor, you can download our worried directors guide. This has many useful guides from the Company Rescue site and more. It helps you find a solution for your clients. 

Company Rescue for Accountants


Ever wanted your own in-house turnaround and insolvency advisor? Do you want a discreet, accurate service that gives you answers when you need them, i.e. right after a client phones to say they have a cashflow CRISIS!

  • We could save your clients with leading rescue techniques
  • We could protect your outstanding and future fee income.
  • If you are a private equity investor, we could help you save investments you might have made!
  • 7 days a week online or telephone!
  • No costs or fees for you - EVER!!
  • Present professional solutions and options to your clients when they need it most! Great quality PR for your firm!
  • Quality advice supported by full professional indemnity insurance
  • Backed by CompanyRescue, the UK's leading web enabled service
  • KSA Group employs UK rescue experts, chartered accountants and insolvency lawyers - so you don't have to!
  • KSA does not do tax, audit or general accountancy work - we will NOT be your competition

Who is CompanyRescue?

The people behind are KSA Group Ltd; we have helped over 500,000 people since 1994. Our website is designed to offer high quality and useful advice to businesses in distress. KSA has been in turnaround for over 20 years and has directly been involved in rescuing all sorts of companies from nil to £500m sales. Over 600 companies have been helped directly by KSA in that time.

Keith Steven of KSA is the leading expert in CVAs in the UK, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you and you can give my telephone number to any potential clients!

A chartered accountant, former 3i senior manager and now entrepreneur; Mr Stephen L, who used us to restructure one of his companies.

A Worried Director

The Ultimate Guide For Worried Directors

Worried about poor cashflow? Feel you have got into a bit of a mess? Covid-19?, How to pay wages on pay day? For reassuring advice on a range of issues download our free Ultimate Guide For Worried Directors today. Or just call us on 0800 9700539

"KSA Group which owns this site, will help you fix problems in your business. We won't charge for any initial advice or face to face meetings. We speak in English. We will save you money and your precious time.  You can come to any of our offices

"We also follow up any meeting with a full "solutions report" which runs on average to 13 pages valuable free advice!!  No other practitioner offers this service.  In this report we advise on ALL the options and explain them clearly.  We advise on a course of action given the information you have given us ( the more information we have the better we can advise!)"

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