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For accountants

Does it make you mad when a client comes to you with a cashflow crisis and the usual result is they go into liquidation?

What if you could offer high quality turnaround and insolvency advice? Would you prefer to keep your client and earn from them in the future or see them liquidated? 

As a professional advisor, you will receive our unique Insolvency Toolkit USB stick. This has many useful guides from the Company Rescue site and more. It helps you find a solution for your clients.

Useful guides for accountants

How to rescue your hotel or pub business

My public house is under pressure. I can't pay HMRC and the business rates.


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hand shake new job

Experts Guide To Turning Around Your Insolvent Recruitment Business

KSA Group's unique rescue guide for recruitment companies (96 pages)

With many...

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Expert turnaround and insolvency advice for accountants

We will protect your fee income or your investments with your own insolvency and...

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Overdrawn Director's Loan Accounts in Insolvency

Overdrawn Director's Loan Accounts in Insolvency

An Overdrawn Director's Loan Account occurs when a director owes the company...

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