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Featured Guides and Advice:

Guide to Transactions Undervalue

What is a transaction at an undervalue?

A transaction at an undervalue is referred to as s238 of The Insolvency Act...

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What Are Fixed and Floating Charges?

Fixed and Floating charges are different types of security over assets. A fixed...

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Directors Top 10 Tips for Insolvent Companies

Directors Top 10 Tips for Insolvent Companies

Insolvency Advice for Directors of Small or Large Companies

Use KSA Group's...

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Who gets paid first when a company goes into liquidation or administration

When dealing with creditors in insolvency situations it is vital to remember the...

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a trading shop

Trading Whilst Insolvent - A Worried Director's Guide

Trading whilst insolvent is a legal term used to describe a business continuing...

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wrongful trading sign

Wrongful trading and fraudulent trading: What’s the difference?

Wrongful trading is where an insolvent company has continued to trade in a way...

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Overdrawn Director's Loan Accounts in Insolvency

What is an Overdrawn Director's Loan Account

An overdrawn director's loan account is created when the director takes money...

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Pre pack Administration Rules and Procedures

Pre pack Administration Rules and Procedures

A pre pack administration process is where the assets of the company are...

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A Worried Director

The Ultimate Guide For Worried Directors

Worried about poor cashflow? Covid-19?, How to pay wages on pay day? For expert advice on a range of issues download our free Ultimate Guide For Worried Directors today. Or just call us on 0800 9700539

Please note that the guide includes updates due to Covid-19 For instance there have been some changes to insolvency legislation that limits creditors actions and relaxes rules regarding wrongful trading.  A new 20 day moratorium for distressed businesses has also been introduced. 

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