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I am a struggling sole trader and suppliers are putting pressure on me.  What should I do?

Help for sole traders

Looking for a web site that gives comprehensive, understandable, ethical and high quality guidance for sole traders under pressure?

You have found it! We can specificially help sole traders, staff and their advisors find solutions, deciding their way forward and hopefully preserving viable businesses.

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Please go to our guides and IVA pages to learn more about insolvency options for sole traders. If you want to ask specific questions or would like to arrange a free 20-30 minute consultation with an expert, email us or call now.

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If you want to use our email support service please contact us.

Email us at help@ksagroup.co.uk

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Welcome back - please use site map link or other links on the left navigation bar to navigate around the site. Why not email us with your contributions?

Click the quick link boxes below – Stop Options, Go Options or Don’t know options. There you will find lots of guides, FAQ’s and flowcharts to help you.

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IVA, Trading out, Refinance

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