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I just wanted to write to you to say a sincere thanks for the work that you have done for us. Without doubt, we would have gone bust if it wasn’t for your advice, actions, guidance and experience. As a result of the CVA being approved we now can continue to trade in a new form of business.

Your help has ensured the continued employment of 16 people, whom should all be very grateful to you.

We still have the actual hive down to do, which is being discussed internally and with the bank at the moment, but there is definitely a strong sense that the whole process is coming to a close.

The good news is that January and February look to be fairly high profit months for us – a real return to form which was seriously lacking last year. I think this has something to do with the fact that I’m back earning again rather than ‘rescuing’ the business, but mainly because of a general surge in our client base spending money. We hope we can keep this up, but now know that with our tight costs control and reduction in fixed costs it’s not a major issue any more if work just ‘dribbles’ in the door. Either way, our business model is very different but much more robust and will remain that way.

So from ******, thanks for all your hard work and for ultimately saving our business.
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