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HMRC are getting tough on overdue tax

Understanding HM Revenue & Customs

HMRC is getting tougher with collecting tax by ensuring Time to Pay arrangement payments are made by direct debit. If any payments are missed, they will seek to recover the debt using a Notice of Enforcement

If your company cannot make payments as and when they fall due, it's always best to act sooner rather than later by contacting HMRC or letting us contact them on your behalf. 

  • You might get one of these - >>>>>7 day letter

So what does this mean for businesses? You need to show the HMRC that your business is viable. So what is the best way to show that if you are in an insolvency scenario? Come to an agreement with your creditors in a legally binding company voluntary arrangement.

Don't wait too long to get professional turnaround help. Call the experts on 08009700539

If your business has tax problems, like arrears of PAYE and VAT then the company is probably insolvent! You must act to do something about these problems and this guide will show you how. See our guide to Is our company Insolvent.

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