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What if there was a way we could quickly close the limited company and get rid of our worry and stress? We don't want to risk personal liability and we need to stop these creditors putting us under more pressure."

What is Creditors voluntary liquidation, voluntary liquidation or CVL?

There is a solution. It is called liquidation or more specifically creditors voluntary liquidation. KSA Group can help you to end the worry and get the liquidation of a limited company completed quickly and professionally. We can help you stop those creditor calls and worries, end those sleepless nights and ultimately help you, as directors, get on with your life.

We could help you start the liquidation process today, please call on 0800 970 0539 in office hours 8.30am till 5.00pm. Or call Wayne Harrison (IP) direct on 07879 55535 or Eric Walls (IP) direct on 0778 727 8527 or email help@ksagroup.co.uk. If your enquiry is out of hours you can call our mobile on 07833 240747

FIRST the simple description of a creditors voluntary liquidation (CVL)

Every day people ask us what is a voluntary liquidation. Creditors voluntary liquidation or compulsory liquidation means the end of the company's life and its assets are then "liquidated" or turned into cash for the creditors, if possible. Creditors voluntary liquidation is the most common form of liquidation in use in the UK. In fact, in the fourth quarter of 2013, the total number of companies that went into liquidation was 3,552. Around 15,000 companies will be closed this way per year.

Usually the company has run out of cash, the directors do not think it is viable, they know the company cannot pay its debts on time and the directors are concerned that the business may build up more debts. They are also worried about Wrongful Trading.

A CVL can bring a quick end to the worry, if  you act soon enough and have acted properly as directors. Yes, you can be a director of another company after a liquidation, but it is important to note that there are strict controls over the re use of a company name. This is covered by section 216 of the Insolvency Act. It is in fact a criminal offence to use a same or similar sounding name.

So for example Fox and Hound Building Company Limited goes into liquidation and then you start another company called Hound and Fox Buildings Limited. This can be a criminal offence and if the second company fails you would have NO PROTECTION and be held liable for the debts of that second failed company. Get specialist help from us on this on 0800 9700539.

liquidation cost

What is a "phoenix company"?

You can liquidate a limited company and start the same business again, but only under strict rules and conditions as above. This is a potential legal "minefield" and you need to take proper advice. Call us or read the detailed CVL guides if you want more details or you can look at our updated page on phoenix companies

What if the company can be viable?

But, before you decide on liquidation as the appropriate option, you should also consider whether your company can be viable if radically restructured and, if so, how can you get help. If there is a viable business in there but you are tired and distressed we can still help.

We can show you how to reduce costs, settle debts and restructure the company. We have 20 years experience in this work and many people call us saying liquidate my company please! Then once we take away the pressure and look harder at the business problems, we can often see a solution. This could be trading out or a company voluntary arrangement.

Ok the company is not viable and I want to avoid personal risk?

The best bet is to quickly get the liquidation process started, see the detailed guides below and then please call us to get friendly but expert advice. We can end the worry and the pressure with one phone call 0800 9700539. Want to know more about liquidation then you can visit our dedicated liquidation site.

Creditors voluntary liquidation detailed guide

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Creditors voluntary liquidation flowcharts

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Creditors voluntary liquidation FAQs

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Guide to wrongful trading

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Guide to compulsory liquidation

Please click if your company faces a winding up petition or a threat of winding up your company. View Now

Company liquidation procedure.

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Guide to members voluntary liquidation

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Can I liquidate my own company?

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Step 1

Find a liquidator. We have a number of insolvency practitioners at the firm. Uniquely to KSA Group, YOU can speak to one of our IP's TODAY, if you call now on 0800 9700539. It is not possible to liquidate your own limited company, as the law just doesn't allow it.

Step 2

Pass details of any company assets over to the proposed liquidator, and our valuers may get these valued. This will independently set the value of the assets for going to auction, or you may wish to buy them.

Step 3

Let us know who the company owes money to (creditors). KSA Group will write to them all to let them know what's happening and tell them that a creditors meeting will be held. This will quickly remove creditor pressure from YOU and they will start talking to KSA instead!

Step 4

Give us all company information and books and records. KSA Group will give you a list of all the information we need in order to liquidate your company. This information will allow us to prepare the necessary reports for the creditors.

Step 5

A company director needs to "chair the meeting of creditors". In actual fact the liquidator will run the meeting but you or one of your directors must attend it by law. The meeting of creditors is usually a simple short meeting with no one attending.

A Testimonial:

Voluntary Liquidation of an IT Company

"I just wanted to thank you and the team for helping me and indirectly my family through what was a very difficult time, both emotionally and financially. Wayne was fantastic at putting me at ease and throughout the whole insolvency process, it was less stressful than I had first anticipated; many thanks Wayne.

I must say the the professionalism and personal touch of the whole team was exemplary. From the first introductory meeting all the way through the final insolvency process. What was a significant factor in my decision to assign KSA Group was the feedback given by previous clients and the sensitive way in which my case was dealt with because the circumstance leading up to the difficult decision to apply for insolvency were extra ordinary. My deepest thanks to everyone and as promised I will ask the wife to bake some special KSA Group class cupcakes for the team to enjoy which I will deliver personally.

Many many thanks...

Kindest Regards,


1st August 2011

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Voluntary Liquidation Case Studies

  1. Liquidation Case Study
    Small Hampshire IT Consultancy Company - IR35
  2. Liquidation Case Study
    Multiple Group Companies Case
  3. Liquidation Case Study
    Franchise Company - Signs
  4. Liquidation Case Study
    Training Company, London
  5. Liquidation Case Study
    Electronic Components Distributor (CVL)
  6. Liquidation Case Study
    North East Recruitment Company (CVA and CVLs)
  7. Liquidation Case Study
    Printer Cartridge Franchise
  8. Liquidation case study
    Two connected companies

Liquidation Case Study Training Company, London

A training company had grown fast mainly on the back of one key contract. A fast growth but not yet profitable business with good prospects, turned into sharply loss-making business when the contract came to a messy end.

The directors struggled on and tried to reduce employee numbers, but they were faced with tribunals and redundancy costs that the company could not meet. Even a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) could not help the company and it was time to liquidate it.

Within 24 hours the company ceased trading and the liquidator took control of all of the big issues. The directors soon bought out the name of the old business and the remaining contracts and set up again as a small (phoenix) company.

They learned the very OLD business lesson, turnover (from a big contract) is vanity, profit is sanity".

Think liquidation will solve your problems? Then call and talk to Keith Steven on 01289 309431 or 0800 9700 539 NOW, well take away the worry, stress and pain

Author: Keith Steven

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