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GREAT NEWS for fast growing or struggling business people: we have great accountants for YOUR Business right across the UK!

Want a good accountant for your business? Do you need someone that can produce ACCURATE monthly management accounts ON TIME? Then tell you what they mean and what you need to do next? Do you want to outsource some or ALL of your accounting from purchase ledger to monthly management accounts? Would a part time finance director solve your problem?

KSA Group works with a high quality team of over 200 business accountants covering the UK. All are experienced, all have extensive business and industry experience, none will tell you what happened circa 1998. They will help your business today. We have strong working relationships with four great firms....

The Financial Management Centre is a leading national financial management consultancy who specialise in helping small to medium-sized businesses achieve their financial goals.tfmc_logo

Do you want to outsource your whole Finance Department?

Why not use The Outsourced Finance Department?

While youre growing your business, we'll watch the Logo


A top class financial team is a huge asset to any company. Having an experienced commercial finance manager on board gives business owners an invaluable source of advice on how to maximize profits, minimize losses and avoid financial management pitfalls. But how can you get access to such a team? Through outsourcing.

In addition to providing all the day-to-day financial administration skills that would expect from an in-house team, The Outsourced Finance Department can add value to your business by:

  • Giving you access to a Finance team offering the complete skills set from Finance Managers/Directors, Accounts staff, Credit Controllers, Payroll Clerks and all for a similar cost to your present accounting solution where the range of experience and skills may be much more restricted.
  • We will attend regular Board meetings to help you interpret your company's financial reporting and key performance indicators. This means that you get maximum benefit from our involvement.
  • We dont just manage your cash position; we collect the cash, pay the bills and continuously forecast the cash position moving forwards, so that you can see where you are going.
  • We are a one-stop shop to help you to manage the kitty!

You cant be fully in control of your business unless you are confident your finances are fully under control. Its a difficult path to steer. If you get too distant from the finances, youre at risk of overlooking potential threats to the business. But if you get too involved - opening post and chasing debtors, you cant be working to optimal effectiveness on the business future.

The finance team that your business deserves is one that will not only get all the finance administration right, but will also provide you with the up to date financial information and strategic input that you need to stay in control of your business and on top of your game. For most companies, its only possible to access the invaluable advice and expertise of an experienced finance manager when they are much bigger and well-established. But you can get the finance team that your business deserves right now (and probably at no extra cost than your current accounting solution) through outsourcing.

The Outsourced Finance Department.

Whatever the size of your company and wherever you are based, The Outsourced Finance Department will act as part of your team, working to make your business succeed. We will:

Take responsibility for what we do just as you would expect your own in-house finance team to do, meaning that the finances are one less thing for you to worry about.

Be proactive on your behalf we dont just wait for you to provide us with information, we go and find it. And, if we can see an opportunity to improve your financial position, we will take it.

Bring our commercial experience to the table, there are few financial situations that we havent encountered before which means we can provide invaluable advice to help you in good times and bad.

Provide you with access to your latest accounts at the click of a mouse through our online hosted accounting package. Put you in full control of your business - as a result of having your finances under control.

  • Add value through our depth of knowledge and experience giving you invaluable advice on how to maximize profits and minimize losses.
  • Provide all of the above at an attractive price.

So do you want to outsource your accountancy and financial reporting email Garry Mumford at gmumford@insightassociates.co.uk

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Part time finance directors for growing or struggling businesses. Your access to the highest quality FD's in the UK

The FD Centre is the UKs leading provider of Finance Directors to growing businesses that dont need, dont want or possibly cant afford a full-time finance director. However, these businesses recognise this essential skill set is required in the development of their business.

Increasingly FD Centre Part Time FDs are being used by owners of small and medium sized businesses to provide the solution to their financial issues. A part time FD with big company experience can provide the interpretation, advice and positive intervention when its required, at a fraction of the cost of an in-house FD.

There are no full time fixed costs, no ongoing liability, just excellent advice, perceptive insight and hands on support as and when its needed.

Financial solutions provided by our Part Time FDs include:-

  • Obtaining the best deals on financing
  • Accessing funds and gaining support from seemingly elusive bankers
  • Forecasting and managing cash flow for growth or survival
  • Helping figure out the best directions for the business
  • Analysing business performance, highlighting areas to improve
  • Taking ownership of and directing and managing the finance function
  • Introducing new systems across the business
  • Downsizing to secure a business future
  • Planning and making a new acquisition
  • Planning and delivering an exit strategy

All our FDs are qualified from one of the major chartered institutes in the UK.

All have been Finance Directors in business, once, twice or several times over. All have excellent strategic and commercial skills that can make a real difference to your business.

When you are under pressure, your FD Centre part time FD can handle the financial issues leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

Uniquely in the UK, we support this service on a nationwide basis.

Regional Offices in: London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Reading, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Swindon, Southampton.

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