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How do I receive the goods I am owed by a company in administration?

A: If you have ordered and paid for goods from a company that has since gone into administration, receivership, or liquidation, then I am afraid it is likely that you will not receive the goods. You will rank as a creditor for the amount of any unfulfilled orders and you should contact the administrator/receiver/liquidator to lodge your claim. If you paid a deposit for your order then the company should have held the monies in a separate trust account and it may therefore be possible to recover some or all of your funds. If you paid by credit card then there is also the possibility that your card supplier may reimburse you for any loss you have suffered.

Finally, if the business has been sold as a going concern then in certain circumstances the purchaser may decide to fulfill orders as a gesture of goodwill. But this will be very much dependent upon the circumstances and is not guaranteed. The administrator / receiver / liquidator will be able to advise you on whether any of the above circumstances apply to you.

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Director of Insolvency - London

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