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CVA Case Studies

Here we provide actual cases studies on our innovative CVA approach. Here at KSA, we put into practice the techniques described on our websites. So you can be sure that the information given on this website is not theoretical, it is based on hard won experience and practical application for real companies every day!

We are experts in the use of the CVA mechanism in a vast array of different situations and have done over 500 CVAs since 1995.

The following case studies have had their precise details changed to protect our confidential client / advisor relationship. However, all ARE REAL clients, are currently trading, are in a CVA or have concluded the CVA (by buying out of it or being acquired).

Some of our CVAs clearly have failed after being agreed. Its inevitable that not all companies will survive the rigours of rescue and recovery. So, being honest to our readers, we have provided examples of these cases too.

We can put you in touch with some of these companies' directors who will tell you warts and all about our approach!

Useful links for this page CVAs: a Guide - CVA Flowchart - CVA FAQs

Northeast Sign Manufacturer CVA Case Study

CVA Case Study Northeast Sign Manufacturer Sales £9m; Staff 170; MBO with a history of loss making KSA was invited to help this old establi..
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CVA in Scotland despite threat of winding up petition

KSA saves Scottish company despite threat of Winding Up Petition The company was run by a sole director who liked nothing better than getting in his l..
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Liquidation Case Study North East Recruitment Company

Liquidation Case Study North East Recruitment Company (CVA and CVLs) Did you know the recruitment sector has the highest percentage of business failur..
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CVA Case Study Logistics and Distribution Company

Case Study Logistics and Distribution Company - South East Welcome to the first of our detailed case studies. Many people ask about CVAs and how they ..
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West Midlands Machine Tool Manufacturer CVA Case Study

CVA Case Study West Midlands Machine Tool Manufacturer Sales £4m Staff 67. Undercapitalised buy-out with sales drop causing failure. KSA wa..
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